Pipeline Components

Borosilicate glass pipeline components find universal application throughout the world's chemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink and allied industries where the advantages of using glass as a basis for the construction of complete process systems have long been recognized


·         With almost universal resistance to corrosion, a long service is guaranteed and maintenance is kept to minimum                 

·         Their transparency permits visual monitoring of the process at all times.

·         Being inert, the risk of contamination is negligible.

·         Smooth surfaces allow easy cleaning and sterilization and prevent the build-up of solids on the inner walls.


The complete range of pipeline components is described on the following pages. Components with three types of buttress end are available from DN25 to DN 600. As a special requirement Tapered buttress ends are also available


The pipeline components described in this section of the catalogue comply with BS EN 12585:1999 which means that 90° bends, tee pieces and equal crosses are interchangeable. The angle valves described in chapter 3 - valves & Filters - are also interchangeable.


DN refers to the nominal bore. Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are given in mm.


For permissible operating conditions, please see chapter 1 - Technical Information,.


For Super Coated items, add a suffix C to the standard catalogue reference. Therefore a SGPS 25/100 becomes a SGPS 25/100C.

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