Valves and Filters

Valves and filters form an essential part of any process plant or system in a wide range of applications from relatively simple on/off function to control, pressure relief and filtering.


All wetted parts of valves and filters described in this section of the catalogue are constructed from Borosilicate glass and PTFE, thus ensuring maximum resistance to corrosion. In addition, as valves have a glass body, visual monitoring of the valve operation is possible at all times. Complete valve consists of Glass Valve Body, PTFE Bellow with nut, Bakelite Valve Bonnet with MS Spindle etc. Aluminum Valve Bonnet is also available and can be supplied upon request.


DN refers to the nominal bore. Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are given in mm.


For permissible operating conditions, unless otherwise stated in the individual descriptions, please see Chapter 1- Technical Information. Generally, the maximum operating temperatures above ambient, particularly in the range from 120oC to 200oC, impose restrictions on the permissible operating pressure. In case of doubt, please consult our Technical Department for further information.


For Super Coated items, add a suffix C to the standard catalogue reference. Therefore a SGPVD 25 becomes a SGPVD 25 C.


The following standard spares are available for valves.


·        Glass Body

·        Valve Bellow (PTFE)

·        Valve Nut (GFT

·        Bonnet Assembly

Bonnet Assembly with Valve Bellow

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