Vessels & Stirrers

Catalogue describes a wide range of glass vessels together with the items which are normally used in conjunction with them such as vessel covers and stirrers.

Standard glass vessels are available in two basic forms: spherical (available up to 300 liters in capacity) and cylindrical (available up to 500 liters in capacity).

All Glass vessels have standard flat buttress end connections. Further details of these are provided in chapter 1- Technical Information.

When spherical vessels are used as reactors, the top branch is generally used for the column or stirrer. The side branches on standard vessels are generally DN 25, DN 40 or DN 100. DN 25 and DN 40 being at 5° to the vertical and DN 100 being at 45° The only exception to this are spherical vessels which have DN 50, DN 80 and DN 150 side branches at 90° to the vertical and are used mainly in boiler circulatory systems. The smaller branches are normally used for such components as thermometer pockets and feed pipes. The DN 100 branches are normally used for charging solids or for the connection of vapour pipes when the top branch is used for a stirrer.

In applications where temperature control is necessary, heating baths and mantles are available and detailed on relevant page in this chapter. In addition, some glass vessels are available with jacket for close temperature control. If spherical or cylindrical vessels are used in conjunction with a heating mantle or bath, a longer bottom outlet is required and should be specified when ordering.

The majority of vessels can be fitted with a sealed-in valve seat for use with type SGBAS and SGBAL bottom outlet valves (See chapter 3 - Valves & Filters) this should be specified- when ordering.
Both spherical and cylindrical vessels can be supplied with graduations to special order.

Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are given in mm. All vessel capacities are given in liters.

For SUPER COATED items, add a suffix C the standard catalogue reference. Therefore SGVZ 100 becomes a SGVZ 100C.

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