Fixed Extractors

SUPER manufactures wide range of liquid-liquid extractors like horizontal mixer settlers, multistage rotating disc extractor, and pulse column. The stationary extractor being offered consists of a Vertical rotating disc six stage extractor, two feed vessels, a dozing pump, and two receivers, one each for the light and the heavy fraction.

Rotating disc extractor
Nominal bore DN 150
Height of extractor 1500
Throughput 150 l/hr
No. of stages 6
Stirrer diameter 70 mm
rpm range 50 to 300
0.37 kw, 1440 rpm 50 Hz, flame proof induction motor
Helical gear drive
VFD for speed control

Feed vessels
Borosilicate glass spherical 20 liter vessels graduated – 2 Nos. (Cylindrical vessel can be supplied on request.

Feed pump
Dual head Dosing pump Glass / PTFE Capacity 400 l / hr – Quantity 1 No

Control panel
Flame proof enclosure for VFD; drive on – off push buttons. Speed indication for mixer

Borosilicate glass spherical 20-liter vessels graduated – 2 Nos. (Cylindrical vessel can be supplied on request)                       
Supporting structure
Stainless Steel pipes and components

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