Mobile Mixing Vessels

SUPER offers trolley mounted mixing vessels from 5 liter to 500 liter. The vessels are supplied with graduations. The bottom drain valve can be simple straight through valve or flush bottom type for least hold up of liquid. Jacketed mixing vessels can be supplied up to 50-liter capacity. The agitator is of Mild steel lined with PTFE lining and PTFE blades. Pitch blade agitator is standard supply. The agitator is supplied as single stage or multistage depending upon the total length of the shaft and the agitation requirement.


Separator vessel
Borosilicate glass

Drain valve for heavy phase
Borosilicate glass straight through OR Flush bottom valve

Mild steel PTFE lined pitch blade type
0.37 kw, 1440 rpm, flame proof induction motor, helical gear drive.                       

Speed Control                       
Variable frequency drive

Control Panel
Flame proof enclosure for VFD with ON-OFF push buttons

Single PTFE Bellow type dry running mechanical seal
Supporting structure                       
Stainless Steel pipes and components with

Supporting frame work
Supporting frame work is of 25 NB Stainless steel pipes and connectors                               
- Mild steel powder coated trolley for movement

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