Reactor System-Glass Overheads

SUPER offers jacketed reactors in all glass construction; jacketed reactors with glass lined steel, and jacketed reactors in Stainless steel. In all the cases the overhead equipment such as condensers, reflux dividers, receivers and piping components are of borosilicate glass. The reactor system consists of:

  • Glass lined steel reactor bottom with jacket
  • Glass lined bottom outlet valve
  • Glass cylinder over reactor top, for clear visibility inside the reactor,
  • Glass lined steel / FEP lined steel flat cover with nozzles
  • Drive assembly with flame-proof motor
  • Agitator shaft sealing with single mechanical dry running seal
  • Different agitator configurations available on request. Three bladed propeller agitator is standard supply
  • Glass lined steel baffle thermometer pocket
  • PTFE lined steel sparger for gas sparging


The system is provided with the following instrumentation in a flameproof enclosure:

  • Reactor jacket temperature indicator control (Digital)
  • Reaction mass temperature indicator (digital)
  • Vapour temperature (Digital)
  • Pressure / vacuum indicator (Digital)

The reactor and the associated glass components are installed on tubular supporting structure. This structure is highly versatile and flexible. Any later additions can be effected without difficulty.

The overhead glass assembly consists of:

  • Graduated cylindrical glass vessel of 20 liter for feed
  • Vapour column of with graphite rupture disc
  • Coil condenser
  • Vent condenser
  • Phase separator
  • Spherical glass receivers
  • Vacuum manifold
  • Glass pipelines, Valves & Fittings, PTFE Bellow, O ring etc
  • Couplings with PTFE insert and Nut & Bolts



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