Reaction Distillation Unit

The Unit has been designed to suit the customer’s requirement of combination of versatile reaction/distillation or combination for pilot plant work.

This has a flexibility of working at atmospheric pressure as well as under vacuum.

Typical unit has a reaction vessel fitted in a Metal Heating/Cooling bath having facility for heating and cooling both by means of Heating/Cooling Fluids as a media.

The Standard system is equipped with stirrer having mechanical seal, a packed column on the side neck of the vessel, reflux divider, coil type condenser and or receiver system having a product, cooler, vent, drain and vacuum valves, Options of or speed variator by mechanical variator or electronic variator can be provide.

Receiver System is equipped with Product Cooler, Vent / Vacuum Valve and Drain Valve.

The above units are available in 10 Ltr./20 Ltr./50 Ltr./100 Ltr./200 Ltr. Capacity with Spherical Reactor and up to 500 Ltr. capacity with Cylindrical Reactor.

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