Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Details

  • Pipe /Elbow Lining: Manufactured by Paste Extrusion Process by using virgin PTFE as per ASTM A 4895.
  • All Types of Fittings Lining: Manufactured by Injection Molding (melt) Process by using virgin FEP as per ASTM 2116, PFA (FDA Approved) as per ASTM 3307.

Plant Capacity

  • Plant Area 40,000 Sq. Meter.

Manufacturing Plant

  • The Plant is situated at Padra Jambusar Road at Dhabasa, Nearly 25 kms from Vadodara covering nearly 40,000 Square Meter of Area.

Super Industrial lining Private Limited Product Testing Standards

  • All Products are tested as per ASTM F 1545-2003.
  • Visual Test: Air Voids, Lining Surface, Impurities.
  • Hydro Test: As per ASTM F 1545 at 29.8 kg/ Cm2 Lined Pipes and Fittings, Valves as per API 598.
  • Electrostatic Test: As per ASTM F 1545 AT 10 KV.
  • Vacuum Test as per client requirement.
  • Type Test Facility-All Test Facility In-house as per ASTM 1545 and Liner Testing as per ASTM D 638, D792.



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