Product Traceability, Inspection & Testing

Super Industrial Lining Private Limited is accredited to ISO 9001:2008.


We have traceability maintained in our system right from the incoming material to the Finished Goods Material. We maintain data sheets of the material issued from the raw material inspection department which checks the material with our standard drawings of the product along with the material test certificate of the material. PTFE/PFA/FEP are procured from Dupont are material. Material is issued to the respective department for manufacturing and as the material passed through various departments like the traceability of the material is maintained in the standard data sheets. By maintaining the data sheets we are able to trace when the material was taken in process and under which person it was process when the material reaches the inspection department the material is checked as the inspection of ASTM F 1545. The material is punched as below:

The Products are Hard Punched on the Fix Flanges Describing the Companies Name-Month-Year-Serial No. which helps us to cross reference with the Individual Department Production Sheets Maintained from Material Issue to Final QC of the Product.

Inspection and Testing

PTFE Testing

PTFE Liners Samples are taken for Testing after each sintering. Test includes Visual, Dimensional, Specific Gravity and Tensile Test.

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